Bali, You Make My Dreams Come True (Um, Nope. I Did It Myself with a Help from God)

Erlend Øye’s beautiful voice is on repeat in my spotify playlist. Oh yeah, I’m in a good mood now to write the story of me in Bali.

This wasn’t my first time been there, but this was my first time going there alone.  Continue reading “Bali, You Make My Dreams Come True (Um, Nope. I Did It Myself with a Help from God)”

Review Adler Luxury Hostel

Hostel Review: Adler Luxury Hostel Singapore

Oktober 2017 lalu, secara tiba-tiba gue mendapatkan ilham buat mengunjungi si Negeri Singa.

FYI nih, jujur aja sejak gue mengerti konsep tentang luar negeri, ngga pernah ada sedikit pun keinginan buat dateng ke Singapura. Sedikit pun. Entah karena gue yang dulu Eropa-sentris atau emang ngga ada ketertarikan sama sekali, pokoknya ngga pingin.

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Daily Random Thought #2

I’ve been thinking bout what I really want in this life

So many things that I really want in this life. I want to be a nomad, I want to play ukulele, I want to join volunteer program in some remote areas as much as possible to teach children, I want to have double degrees, I want to speak 5 languages fluently (3 on progress), I want to be an actress (even just a role as a banana tree), and many more, et cetera.

Uhm, yea too many. But then…

… finally, I found something that I really want! It is that I want to be married on September, 21st so I can hear this from the wedding band…



Anyway, have you found out what you really want in this life?

XOXO, Sefta


Daily Random Thought #1

Do you ever feel like you are not meant to be here and not supposed to be like you are today?

I feel that way lately.

Many people said that I’m an over thinker. Yes, no doubt about that. I feel like I’m someone that can’t help the way that I think. I can’t help how much I think.

I always have questions, I constantly be overwhelmed with “what if’s” and many questions. I can tell that I have too much things to be worried.

What I always need is someone who is compassionate, who can show me empathy. And the most important, someone who can show me that he/she isn’t going to judge me when I ask about feelings for hundred times a day.

Is it just me or there is anyone out there feel this way too?
hope we can meet one day!

XOXO, Sefta.